• Welcome to Borgo
    An elegant welcome with products from the hortuli made in the Borgo Antichi Orti's Spagyric Laboratory


and Weddings

Turn your wedding into an extraordinary experience!

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    The Pergola
    and the Garden

    The Pergola can hold up to 45 people at square, round or rectangular tables. The Pergola has a large garden that can hold up to 150 people.

    The garden has a view of the Basilica as a backdrop, which on summer evenings at sunset is very evocative and romantic.

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    The Locanda
    for your wedding reception

    The inn seats about 50 people inside, with the possibility of an aperitif in the front yard.

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    The Hortuli
    set up for your ceremony

    The Hortuli, 10,000 square metres of cultivation, includes a dedicated area for banquets and ceremonies for up to 200 people.

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    tailor-made event