• Welcome to Borgo
    An elegant welcome with products from the hortuli made in the Borgo Antichi Orti's Spagyric Laboratory



Based on the farming tradition that draws on the resources of nature, we practice natural organic farming. We do not use chemical fertilisers or any other synthetic products (herbicides, pesticides, etc.). We also use vegetable intercropping, placing plants close together to help each other for pathogen resistance and increased production.

  • Borgo Antichi Orti - Adopt 3

    By adopting, you will get n.1 plot of the hortuli of 25 sqm with a number and a personalised plate. We will grow the vegetables that you can harvest personally or receive directly at your home.

  • Borgo Antichi Orti - Adopt 4
    Choose what to grow

    From this season you can choose 10 vegetables to grow in your hortulo:

    Red garlic from Sulmona - Nantese carrot
    Savoy cabbage - Long digestible cucumber
    Small pickled cucumber - Red onion
    Spring onions - French red shallot
    Dwarf green bean - Pumpkin violin
    Aubergine - Bell pepper
    Leek - Winter fennel
    Scented celery - Courgette
    White potato

  • Borgo Antichi Orti - Adopt 5
    from Borgo

    A welcome box to thank you for your adoption containing:

    - a 500ml bottle of organic olive oil from the olive grove
    - a selection of herbs for herbal tea and lip balm made in the Spagyrico Laboratory from wild herbs gathered in the village
    - fresh seasonal herbs and fragrances.

  • Borgo Antichi Orti - Adopt 6
    Sconto 20%
    sul pernottamento

    Uno sconto del 20% per n.2 pernottamenti con prima colazione in una delle nostre residenze per 2 persone che potrete regalare o godervi voi stessi (su richiesta, previa disponibilità).