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    An elegant welcome with products from the hortuli made in the Borgo Antichi Orti's Spagyric Laboratory

Hortuli Benedetti

Hortuli Cultivar Monastici

The Hortuli Benedetti consists of 10,000 square metres of food and medicinal cultivars, where the Benedictine monks' gardens once stood. Organised in quadrants with a central arena, they are ideal for events, weddings and outdoor activities. Based on the rural tradition of drawing on nature's resources, we practice natural organic farming, in which we do not use chemical fertilisers or any other synthetic products - weed killers, pesticides, etc. - and do not use pesticides.

  • Borgo Antichi Orti - Hortuli Benedetti 7

    Nature needs the hand of man to come into being synergistically. Every day we follow the processes, caring for the land and plants, to make them lush and generous. All cultivars are organised in quadrants corresponding to the elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

    Everything then happens in the fifth essence.

  • Borgo Antichi Orti - Hortuli Benedetti 8

    Francesco is in charge of green and horticulture. He has been cultivating gardens since he was 6 years old and teaches meditation. He has a special relationship with the plant world, always trying to understand its needs because he believes that cooperation and respect between people and nature is fundamental.